Discover the Clöe e Cluzo Adjustable Mesh Cat Harness

Elevate Your Cat's Style and Comfort with Cloe Cluzo Adjustable Mesh Cat Harnesses. 


Perfect for Special Occasions and Everyday Adventures, Designed for Your Pet's Well-being.


Breathable Mesh Fabric for Maximum Comfort

Crafted from breathable mesh fabric, our cat harness ensures optimal comfort for your furry companion, allowing them to stay cool and comfortable even during extended wear. Whether your cat is lounging at home or exploring the great outdoors, they'll love the lightweight feel of our harness.


Available in Medium and Large Sizes 

Our adjustable mesh cat harness is available in medium and large sizes to accommodate cats of various breeds and sizes. Not sure which size to choose? Consult our comprehensive guide and resources section to find the perfect fit for your cat.


Recommended by Feline Behavior Experts

Trusted by educator feline behavior experts, our cat harness is designed to make walks and outings a breeze for both you and your cat. The innovative design features two clips that allow you to easily put on the harness without having to pass it over your cat's head, eliminating discomfort and stress.


Optimal Fit for Freedom of Movement

The space between the legs and shoulders provides ample room for your cat to move freely, while still ensuring that tension from the leash is distributed evenly across the torso. This not only ensures your cat's safety but also enhances their comfort during walks and outdoor adventures.


Comfortable and Safe Design 

With a free space under the neck, our harness allows your cat to lower their head without feeling choked or restricted. This thoughtful design feature ensures that your cat can enjoy their adventures without any discomfort or strain.


Available in Black

Step up your cat's game with our adjustable mesh cat harness, available in both striking red and sleek black. Let your feline strut their stuff in style, while staying safe and comfortable on their adventures. Elevate their walking experience with Clöe e Cluzo's Adjustable Mesh Cat Harness.


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